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                  KIA AROHA COLLEGE                                        JAMES COOK HIGH SCHOOL
                       MAORI STAGE                                                          MAORI STAGE
   JAMES COOK HIGH SCHOOL                   KELSTON GIRLS' COLLEGE                SIR EDMUND HILLARY COLLEGIATE               ALFRISTON COLLEGE                                    AORERE COLLEGE
           TONGAN STAGE                                      SAMOAN STAGE                                   COOK ISLANDS STAGE                             NIUEAN STAGE                                          DIVERSITY STAGE
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ASB Polyfest Chair,

Gregory Pierce


Tribal Affiliations/Village

Originally from Wai Te Pounamu, Waihopai, Murihiku


Place of Work

Principal of Aorere College since 2015


Number of years involved in Polyfest?

Nine years with three different Auckland Secondary Schools


What is the role of the Polyfest Trust?

To ensure that the annual Secondary Schools Polyfest runs smoothly with:

  1. Effective governance

  2. Effective strategic and financial planning

  3. Maintaining and respecting tradition


What’s your highlight from Polyfest?

Seeing the enthusiasm, pride and passion of the range of student performers, together with their families, schools and large number of committed community volunteers.


What does the festival do for your particular community? 

Recognizes and celebrates the cultural diversity of our community. Maintains links, traditions and relationships within and among these cultural groups.


What do you think is the key to running a successful Polyfest event?

Making sure there is consistent advance planning, clarity of communication to all potential participating schools and working hard to ensure all cultural groups are equally respected.

What advice would you give to first time competitors to Polyfest?

Embrace and enjoy the spirit of the occasion and represent yourselves, your families, schools and communities with pride.




Chairperson                        Gregory Pierce                    Principal

Deputy Chairperson           Patrick Drumm                   Principal                                                            Trustee                                Ngaire Ashmore                 Principal  

Trustee                                Robert Solomone               Principal                                 

Trustee                                Steve Hargreaves              Principal

Trustee                                Adeline Blair                       Principal

Trustee                                Martin Cooper                     Mana Whenua

Trustee                                Tupou Manapori                 Komiti Whakahaere Representative

Trustee                                Melegalenuu Ah Sam        Komiti Whakahaere Representative   

Co-opted Trustee               Toesulu Brown                   Pasifika Community Representative


Festival Director                Seiuli Terri Leo-Mauu                         



The Trust Board provides governance primarily overseeing the delivery and financial aspects of the event. Their main objective is to build a sustainable event.


The Board meets on a quarterly basis.



SMC Events manages logistics and operations and provides communication links for the Polyfest network. Their commitment to the event runs from July to June.


The Kura Matua(s) represent all participating schools and take the lead of official and formal gatherings.  The Kura Matua(s) play a significant role in managing key areas specific to the Maori Stage which include administration, judge liaison, on the day tasks etc.  Mana Kura schools are different across the other five stages and in addition provide a "caretakers" role and leadership by hosting stage meetings, provide volunteers on the day to act as stage runners, timekeepers etc.  We welcome schools to hold a hosting role for a maximum of two years.  Schools who would like more information please email  


The volunteers assist in the delivery of the event.  They begin their involvement in the month preceding the event as well as during the event itself.


The school cultural coordinator is the overall senior school contact/representative for all groups representing that school.  They are responsible for forwarding all relevant information from the Polyfest team to the Teacher in Charge of the group(s).


The teacher-in-charge is the school representative who attends the event. His/her key role is to pass on communication to the participants and ensure that the school group works within the guidelines of the school and the event. 


The tutors support the teacher-in-charge with the management of the group by preparing the groups for their performances and ensuring performances meet stage specific rules.  


The student leaders lead the students/group in their performance. 


These groups provide assistance and support to the school groups that are performing.  Their involvement is tied in with schools.



These groups act as the Polyfest stakeholders and service providers. 


Mana Whenua provides spiritual guidance through protocols and practices over the four-day festival. This may also include pre and post festival.