Keeping ASB Polyfest a safe place

for participants and festival goers.



Through cooperation and respect, this Charter aims to make the ASB Polyfest

safer by encouraging:

               • Healthy Choices

               • Healthy Communities

               • Cultural Pride


We will achieve this by:

              • Providing an environment free of violence and threatening behaviour

              • Having zero tolerance to alcohol, substance abuse and cigarettes within

                 the festival grounds

              • Promoting Crime Prevention 

              • Prohibiting gang paraphernalia including clothing



This Festival is Drug and Alcohol-free and is proud to be....


Food & Drink:

             ✔      Food is permitted into the festival. Only sealed drinks or empty 

                      drink bottles allowed. Note: Free water refills available in the festival.


             ✘       No cigarettes, illegal drugs or alcohol. These items will be 

                       disposed of and not returned. 


             ✘       No clothing with gang insignia or gang colours. 

                       You will be asked to:

                       1. Take clothing back to the car or home before entering 


                       2. Dispose of such items in bins provided. 


            ✘        No vivids, markers or sharp implements.


            ✔       Guide Dogs only permitted on site

We will work alongside schools and community organisations to ensure the the ASB Polyfest is

a safe place for participants,

festival goers and workers alike.