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           Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate

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“Me mātūtū ta’au Peu e te Akono’anga Kuki Airani,

ka ora katoa tō’ou Kopapa, te Manako e te Vaerua"


“Healing the body, mind, spirit and soul

with the strength of Culture”


Stage meeting 1 - Thursday 14th November 2019, 4.30pm

Stage meeting 2 - Thursday 13th February 2020

                                4.30pm - All Speech participants and 2020 Cook Island Language TICs

                                5.30pm - Tutors meeting

Both meetings will be held at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate Staffroom, 2 Franklyne Road, Otara, Auckland 2023



This will take part on Thursday 19th March 2020


The times are as follows:

Thursday 19th March 2020 (Juniors and Seniors).

Competition Starts at 10.30am

Please report to Cook Islands Stage by 10.00am

Entries close 2pm, Friday 6th March 2020

Please remember that if you're bringing your students to support your speakers, they must be in full school uniform and accompanied by a Teacher from your school.   


T​h​ey will gain free entry to watch the speeches on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th March 2020. 


Please submit a fully completed profile sheet for each of your school groups. Only once all profile sheets have been submitted will the full ticketing pack be prepared, so it is important you check that all groups are accounted for before arranging to collect your pack.  

We are lucky to be working with iTicket again this year. It has enabled us to make some time-saving changes to how these packs are made up.

  • In the week 9-13 March, an E-PASS for the Performance groups will be emailed directly to the Cultural Group Coordinator (CGC). This ONE e-pass is to be downloaded as a PDF and forwarded to the relevant TICs for each group.

  • ONE E-Pass, you're wondering? Don't worry, I got you!                             

           Within this e-pass are names and details of all the groups the school has
           registered for, including the Total Number of the group noted on the
           Profile Sheets. You may print this or save it on your electronic device.

  • The TIC will show this pass at the gate and one of our Gate team will scan the pass and count through the number in each group as they enter. There will be a Prepaid queue at each gate for the Group to enter through.

  • VEHICLE passes will be sent in a separate email to the CGC. 

​However, we do still need the CGC to pick up the BUS and Media passes as well as any other important information that will need to be shared with all the groups. It is important that you are available to collect from either location on either day, as packs will not be sent via post or courier.



Tuesday 10th March 2020, 9am - 2pm - St Cuthbert's College, 122 Market Road, Epsom 

Please park on Market Road or Puriri Drive as there is no parking in the school grounds. Collection is in the side room of the Chapel

Wednesday 11th March 2020, 10am - 6pm  - ASB Polyfest Info Portacom, Manukau Sports Bowl, Clover Park, Auckland.

Please enter through Te Irirangi Drive entrance towards the Greyhound Lounge and the portacom is on the left hand side.


Thursday 27th February 2020 by 4pm


Thursday 5th March 2020 by 4pm


ALL Trophies are to be returned to SMC Limited, 38 Mt Hobson Rd, Remuera, Auckland 1050, no later than Thursday 14th November 2019.  Please ensure these are engraved and polished before returning.



Turou! Turou! Turou!

Oro mai! Oro mai! Oro mai!


Kia Orana te iti tangata Kuki Airani e te katoatoa rava i teia mataiti ou. Te Ui Ariki, Ui Mataiapo, Ui Rangatira, tei ma'ata i te pae o te Enua, to te Ture e te pae o te Evangelia. Kia orana rava tatou katoatoa i teia mataiti 2020. Ki te Apii Manakura ko

Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate, meitaki maata ko kotou i ariki akaou mai i te pati'anga kia akateretere i te ta’ua Kuki Ariani i te mataiti 2020.

Ki te au Puapii e te au tamariki Apii Tuarua, te au metua, te Atua te aroa. Te oronga atu nei au i tetai akameitaki'anga ki to tatou Ariki vaine, Pa Ariki, Te Cook Islands Consulate General, Roselyn Blake, tei tae mai no te akararangi i te ta'ua o te Kuki Airani i te mataiti i topa. 


Te au tauira no te tu'anga o te Tarere Korero, akamaroiroi e kia matutu i ta kotou tu'anga tatau a te Paraparau 19 Mati 2020. Meitaki Maata ki te au Taunga Korero no te Reo Maori Kuki Airani.


Te irinaki nei au e ka mataora kotou i te matakitaki i te au tarekareka ta te au Apii ka akaariari mai. Ki te au tauira katoatoa, e te au puapii tarekareka kia manuia, kia mataora, e kia manavanui. Kia Manuia. Te Atua te aroa.


This is the 45th year since this event began at Hillary College in Otara. A special tribute to all those students who created a pathway for our current students in Auckland, to learn our Cook Islands language and Culture. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to all former students, parents, tutors, judges, MC’s and Securities and Cook Islands wardens for all your contributions and support. Special thank you to Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate (Mana Kura), the Principal Kiri Turketo and teachers in charge of the Cook Islands Group for hosting our stage in 2020. Thank you to your staff for their timekeeping and the girls who worked on the stage and assisted the Stage Managers. Meitaki Maata. 


Our Kura Matua for 2020 is Kia Aroha College and James Cook High School. The sponsor for our Cook Islands stage again this year is “AUT University”. Thank you to both our host schools and sponsor, for your willingness to support this meaningful event for our secondary school students in Auckland.


A special message to all our Cook Islands Cultural Tutors, te au Tumu Korero, te au Taunga no te Tarekareka Ura please:


  • Follow the true spirit of how and why this event was formed (for students)

  • The purpose of this is not only to teach our tamariki our Reo and Peu Kuki Airani but to bring them together in unity, to love one another and build good relationships, regardless of which school they go to.

  • Teach your students proper Cook Islands customs, traditions, protocols and values such as respect and proper manners etc.

  • Remember this event is about “Traditional” dancing and not “contemporary”. Contemporary is another phase, another level and not appropriate at this festival.

  • Follow the specific rules or suffer the consequences.

  • Attend all stage meetings where questions are raised and other issues discussed.

  • Meet deadlines to avoid penalties.

  • There is zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour and conduct (both students and adults)


I hope 2020 will bring a better understanding, better attitude and joy to all our people who wish to attend this event. Celebrate with us, the achievements and efforts of all our students from across the Auckland region. Appreciate the hard work of all staff, Principals and Board of Trustees in allowing your children to participate in this festival.


To the director of ASB Polyfest, Seiuli Terri Leo-Mauu, Lane Fa’afua and Komiti Whakahaere, thank you for the opportunity to showcase our Cook Islands Language and Culture for the world to see.


“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is heaven”

"Koia katoa ia to kotou marama, kia 'akakaka'ia ki mua i te aroaro o te tangata nei, e kia akara ratou i ta kotou anga'anga meitaki, e kia akameitaki ratou i to kotou metua e te ao ra.


Kia Orana e kia manuia.


Mama Tupou Manapori B.Ed, MNZM QSM

Cook Islands stage Co- Ordinator


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